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Louisville Metro Protection, LLC BBB Business Review


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• Hotels

We eliminate the complaints of rowdy guests; which saves money in room refunds and enhances overall hotel experience for customers. Also, provides additional peace of mind to guests knowing their vehicles and property are secure.

• Construction Sites

Buildings and homes are the most vulnerable to burglary during construction phase. With thousands of dollars of equipment and tools at a site, LMP prevents theft and vandalism saving you the headache of stolen/damaged equipment and tools.

• Shopping Centers

Thefts from vehicles and the safety of your customers as they leave at night are just a couple of priorities of LMP when it comes to your shopping center. Having LMP on site prevents these issues and others from arising.

• Schools and College

Similar to churches, schools and colleges have also been victim to random acts of violence. LMP can provide the police presence that can both keep the students safe and discourage any criminal acts from taking place.

• Concerts / Sporting Events

When crowds gather for any reason, the likelihood of a disturbance or problem occurring greatly increases. The mere presence of a police officer can deter these acts from arising. Also, have high profile musicians or athletes on site, the need for their protection from the general public becomes a top priority.

• Petrochemical Plants

Knowing the layout and critical areas of your plant along with knowledge of chemicals on site can save time and money when an emergency arises. Also, LMP can protect your plant from any threat that may be received.

• Residential Patrol

Whether it is an issue of speeding through a community, vehicle and home break-ins or general police presence, LMP is able to provide marked police patrol to your neighborhood.

• Distribution Centers

Whether it’s managing the flow of traffic, preventing vandalism and theft or providing security during risky labor disruptions, LMP is capable of handling any security need you may have.

• Executive Protection

Protection high profile figures from threats by employees or the general public.

• Jewelry Stores

With a large quantity of assets in gold and jewels on hand, having an armed police officer on site will deter any theft.

• Churches

With recent acts of random violence at places of worship, LMP is able to provide a visible police presence to not only the congregation, but to the public as well deterring any possible acts of violence. LMP can also handle any traffic issues with exiting and entering a church campus before and after services.

• Trade Shows / Conferences

LMP can secure assets and booths overnight and during shows, giving owners of the booths/assets and management of the conference/trade shows peace of mind knowing they are protected.

• Emergency Coverage

Power outage, storm, civil unrest or major crisis, LMP is there to protect your business or home during times where normal police patrols are spread thin and are flooded with on-duty calls.